The International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) is the leading international advocacy organization for pharmacy students. It was founded in 1949 andcurrently represents approximately 350,000 pharmacy students and young graduates from over 84 countries worldwide, with its headquarters in The Netherlands.

IPSF plans and executes a wide variety of activities through its 5 regional offices including Asia Pacific, Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe and Pan America.
The African Pharmaceutical Symposium (AfPS) is an Annual event organized by the IPSF-African Regional Office. The 7th edition of this symposium is biled to be held in Lagos – Nigeria, and hosted by The Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS).

PANS is the national organization which represents about 10,000 pharmacy students and recent graduates from twenty-one universities in Nigeria, and is the link between the students and professional bodies such as the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), with which it is affiliated.
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We intend to deliver a well-rounded event that caters for the social and educative needs of our various delegates (a minimum of 500 delegates from different African Countries) while showcasing the rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscape of our beloved country. To cater for the educational needs of our delegates, there would be experienced speakers (from Africa and beyond) to educate the delegates on a wide range of topics that would have direct and future impact on the African Pharmacy Student/Graduate, shining a bright light on the working theme; "INSPIRING THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE IN AFRICA: INNOVATION, ECONOMY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT."

Workshops that focus on enhancing the clinical and patient counselling skill of the delegates, would be executed, developing the much needed versatility of the delegates beyond the classroom.

The 7th AfPS with the major purpose of changing and challenging the thought process of the emerging African healthcare professionals (with major focus in pharmacy) and setting the pace as the Giant of Africa, promises to be a ground-breaking event.

The 3-part symposium will commence as follows:

a) Pre-Symposium: Leaders-in-Training which will be held on the 14 - 16, June, 2018.

This training is aimed at equipping the delegates with leadership and managerial skills that are required to take on global roles in health provision and engage in policy making.

b) Main Symposium: This will be held in Lagos, Nigeria from the 17-22, June, 2018.

We will have keynote speeches, workshops, an industrial visit, concurrent public health campaigns and a mentorship session for secondary school students. During one of the afternoons, delegates will be taken to see the National museum, point of no return in Badagry and other historical and tourist centres.

c) Post Symposium Tour: This will be held from the 22-25 June, 2018.

Delegates would have the opportunity to tour the beautiful Nigerian cities and tourist attractions.

The Evening Event of AfPS 2018 will consist 5 intricately planned nights with the aim of creating a social environment that would forge long lasting relationships among the delegates from different nations. It would also be an opportunity to showcase the best of Nigerian culture as well as promote culture exchange with the rest of the continent.

The 5-Night programs are the:

a) Welcome Night
b) International Night
c) Nigerian Night
d) Auction Night
e) Gala Night.

The fees are as follows:
[LIT] Leaders In Training MAIN SYMPOSIUM [PST] Post Symposium Tour
14th - 16th June,2018 ($50) 17th - 22nd June, 2018 ($250) 22nd - 25th June, 2018 ($80)

Registration will commence on the 15th of December, 2017 and will be done in two phases;
First Phase: December 15th - March 31st, 2018 $250
Second Phase: April 1st - May 31st, 2018 $280

See you in Lagos! Viva LA pharmacie!!!

From the desk of the IPSF 7th AfPS Reception Committee